OBLIVION Credits Font Created!!

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Topic on Jul 26, 2013 01:42 AM
Hi All, First post and first time creating a font. Called it CyberTimes2. I created CyberTimes which was from the Oblivion Movie Title but someone already has done a sterling job here.

I created this Font which is very similar(almost identical) to the beginning and end credits font used in Oblivion. I have submitted it for approval, however if anyone one needs it, send me a PM.

Only the characters in the Screenshot are available however if you desperately need anymore send me PM.

Hope you like.

Reply on Jul 27, 2013 06:12 PM
This looks amazing! Thanks for all your hard work! PM sent!

mateus42 says
Reply on Aug 01, 2013 04:49 AM
That's great!

hannahero says
Reply on Aug 01, 2013 07:53 PM
Beautiful, I want it!!!

Diego23 says
Reply on Aug 12, 2013 01:36 AM
I really wanna this font. How i get ? PM please. Thanks a lot

pedro307 says
Reply on Nov 04, 2013 08:47 PM
Awesome font! It looks great. Could you send me PM? Please. I'm searching it for months. =D

Multiplex says
Reply on Nov 07, 2013 02:09 AM
Nice work here

OLDMAN056 says
Reply on Jan 11, 2014 05:58 PM
Hi Cheesegeezer,
I would like a copy of this font if you are still giving them away.

kakin112 says
Reply on Mar 20, 2014 08:36 PM
I like this, PM please, thank you.

atmi768 says
Reply on May 08, 2014 11:49 AM
Is it still possible to get this font?

Y3dx says
Reply on Jan 31, 2015 12:37 PM
PM please
thank bro

SKotani says
Reply on Apr 13, 2015 05:41 PM
I would like to get a copy of this font too, I've been searching all over Google for this font. :P

viper says
Reply on Apr 24, 2015 11:55 AM
I have been looking for this font ever since the movie came out. Is there by chance that I could aquire a copy of this font? I think you did a beautiful job of creating these. Thank you in advance

paggy says
Reply on Oct 22, 2016 04:37 PM
pm please that is awesome

AutumnCorp says
Reply on Jan 13, 2017 05:30 PM
OMG please send me a link or something I made an account just for this font...
Nice work btw.

mikewilson says
Reply on Jul 27, 2021 02:33 PM
Thanks for the update I was looking for such for my eBooks.

Reply on Jan 02, 2022 07:58 PM
great job,love this font.pm please that is awesome.

Fightfuldn says
Reply on Jun 26, 2022 09:24 PM
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Reply on Nov 02, 2022 09:59 AM
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Gravin273 says
Reply on Mar 31, 2023 11:42 PM
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Reply on Jul 31, 2023 08:37 PM

I appreciate the upgrade; I needed it for my eBooks. | pvc fencing nz

Reply on Nov 13, 2023 08:36 AM
Fantastic font! It seems amazing. Could you please PM me? Ideally. I've spent months looking for it. - rent a cotton candy machine

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