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Topic on Mar 23, 2018 04:22 AM
See it here FS Industrie?
Thank you guys!

Fox says
Reply on Apr 16, 2018 04:36 AM

Fox says
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gomeyic says
Reply on Sep 20, 2022 01:11 AM
In the very near future, we will be able to see a new type of spectacle. The adaptive system appertures will be able to allow people to see the world in a way that is similar to our modern media and here I prefer you to visit to solve your thesis problems easily. The apperatures will have sensors that can recognize objects and surroundings, and then change the appearance of the wearer's vision based on what is being viewed. For example, if you were wearing an apperature that allowed you to see through foggy weather, it would automatically adjust so that you could still see clearly.

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